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Regretfully, once again, Woodside Pavilion has been the target of vandalism on Saturday 16th June 2018.

From CCTV images we have been able to ascertain that a large group of youths, both male and female, between the ages of 16 - 18 years old, were around the pavilion area causing damage between the hours of 19.40 - 20.50.   The police have been informed and, when requested, CCTV images will be forwarded to them.

The damage incurred to the pavilion, which was refurbished completely in 2016, included damage to roof tiles, the window roller shutters, removal and destruction of a large wooden picnic table, as well trespass to the rear compound where metal chairs were taken and thrown across the park.

Councillor Anne Corbridge, the Town Mayor, stated "This vandalism is costing local tax payers considerable sums in repairs and replacements and must be stopped. Someone must know who the youths were and I urge anyone who knows who might be responsible for this to come forward and contact the police".

Woodside has suffered from other recent vandalism with the defibrillator being damaged in February this year and the roof of a treehouse climbing frame in the play park being destroyed in August last year, all a cost to the public purse, and in this incident, the Lymington Sports Association, the charity that runs the pavilion, as well as soul-destroying for the volunteers of the charity.

Anyone who has any information regarding this incident please contact the police quoting crime number 4418-0227231.

The Town Council welcomes its new Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor. 

2018 - Mayor  2018 Deputy Mayor

Cllr Anne Corbridge and Cllr Andrew Sutherland were elected into their new roles at the Town Council's AGM, held on 09 May 2018.


A defibrillator located at Woodside Pavilion was vandalised on Friday 9th February 2018 at 23:23hrs. The defibrillator cabinet was smashed and the defibrillator thrown to the ground.

Numerous local residents speaking on social media have expressed disgust at the individuals involved in damaging the life-saving device.

The L.S.A., who run the Woodside Pavilion, reported the crime and passed CCTV footage to the police.

Members of public are vulnerable without the use of the defibrillator.  The Town Council is endeavouring to replace the cabinet and ensure the defibrillator is back in use as soon as possible.  Mayor Dunning has stated "I was very disappointed to see the damage sustained to a vital piece of equipment, it was mindless action with no regard for the consequences. We will look to how we can improve the CCTV images taken to better identify these criminals".

The cost to the public is not only the period of loss of the defibrillator but also the cost of replacement, installation and staff time. This, along with other recent acts of vandalisation, will increase the insurance premiums and, once again, cost local tax payers.

Anyone who has any information regarding this incident is to please contact the Police.

Fresh Air + Free Activity = Maintaining Community Mental & Physical Health

A chess table at Bath Road enables players to enjoy stunning views of Lymington River.  This is great for mental wellbeing and also has easy access for wheelchair users.  All players need to bring is chess / draughts pieces.

Two table-tennis tables at Woodside Park are for use by all ages and abilities.  Just bring a paddle + ball to enjoy this fresh air activity for free.

Chess Table  Table Tennis

Enjoy a free game of boules or pétanque at our Pétanque Court, situated in the Emsworth Road recreation area (adjacent to St Thomas Church's churchyard). 

Free for anyone to use during daylight hours.

Boules can be hired from the Town Council office for only £1 (£20 refundable deposit).
                                                                                   Petanque Court

Improve your fitness for free at Woodside Gardens

The Outdoor Gym is situated adjacent to the tennis courts and consists of nine pieces of equipment.  One of which is for wheelchair users to access easily.

outdoor gym 1  outdoor gym 2


  • Dial 999 if a crime / anti-social behaviour is in action.
  • Take photos if safe to do so.
  • Dial 101 to report vandalism to Hampshire Police.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll through historic Lymington  adobe icon Historic Town Trail [11Mb]

adobe icon Woodside Fairy Trail Map [2Mb] Follow the enchanting trail in Woodside Park to find where 'The Fey of Woodside' dwell.

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